What is [Code]AI?

[Code]AI is smart automated secure coding application for DevOps, that fixes security vulnerabilities in computer source code to prevent hacking. It's unique user-centric interface provides developers with a list of solutions to review instead of a list of problems to resolve. Teams that use CODEAI will experience a 30%-50% increase in overall development velocity.

How does [Code]AI find bugs?

CodeAI takes a unique approach to finding bugs using a proprietary deep learning technology for code trained on real-world bugs and fixes in large amounts of software. We collected millions of bug-fix examples in open source projects and analyzed the pre- and post-fix commits for differences indicative of security vulnerability bug and fix patterns. The patterns are encoded as feature vectors that are fed into a deep learning model of code, which learns to predict defects in new code. This approach dramatically reduces the amount of time spent sifting through false positives in static analysis results, freeing up developers to work on more complex debugging issues.


How does [Code]AI FIX BUGS?

CodeAI fixes bugs using simple program transformation schemas derived from bug fixing commits in open source software. Program specific information- variable names, function names, etc- is extracted from static analysis to formulate fixes that compile, remove the defect from the static analysis results, and (optionally) pass a user supplied automated test suite. Additional validation configurations can be made to verify the correctness of the fix, however, the final determination of fix correctness still remains in the hands of developers who know their code.

How capable is [Code]AI now?

It is capable of continually learning and improving performance in a DevOps environment. Real-time learning algorithms acquire knowledge from the previous sessions to improve performance in future ones.

There are currently ~30 CWE categories of issues that every software project is dealing with. CodeAI is capable of fixing all of them in a matter of seconds.

What languages does it support?

CodeAI is designed to support the top 10 programming languages, including C, C++, C#, Java, and Javascript.

If you use GitHub, GitLab, etc, all you need to do is to login with your GitHub credentials.

How easy it is to use?