June 2017

QbitLogic Gets Computers to Fix Their Own Bugs

ATLANTA, GA — While Software is among the most widely used products in human hisotry, it also has one of the highest filure rates of any product in human hisotry due primarily to poor quality. Software quality and security depends upon two important variables. The first variable is that of “defect potentials (DP)” or the sum total of bugs and security vulnerabilities likely to occur in requirements, architecture, design, code, documents, and “bad fixes” or new bugs in bug repairs. The second important measure is “defect removal efficiency (DRE)” or the percentage of bugs and security vulnerabilities found and eliminated before release of software to clients. [The ultimate goal is to remove as many bugs and security vulnerabilities as possible in the shortest time]. To bring us closer to this goal we need to computers to start fixing their own bugs.

QbitLogic's Ai driven solution- CodeAi recently fixed 1,000 software defects less than 6 hours of computing time. Similar effort without CodeAi ) would require a team of 4 skilled software engineers working for approximately 60 business days. We assembled a team of 4 skilled engineers internally and it took them 5 business days to review 1,000 security related fixes that CodeAi generated in 6 hours. Thus we saved 54 business days worth of engineering time that could be spent on other tasks.

Note: Project names: MLpack, DarkNet, PhP, Vim, OpenSSL, Git. Cumulative size of the audience is ~ 1000 software developers


6 projects

over 1.4 Million LOC

1,000 security issues found&fixed

6 hours of computing time

C/C++ languages