Deep Learning Expert

Location: Atlanta, GA

Position Description

[A day in the life.]

Innovate and push the state of the art in deep learning applications to computer programs.  Invent new algorithms and draw from state of the art research.  Use Tensorflow.  new architectures, training algorithms, generative fixing models, static analysis models. 


  • Work in scrum team.  Report to scrum master and project manager.
  • Commit code to private Git repo.  Use bug tracking system.  Develop production ready code. 
  • Solve issues related to [your day to day activities]


  • Minimum BS (Ideally MS or Ph.D.) in Computer Science , Computer Engineering, or related field.
  • Project experience working with TensorFlow, Theano, or some other deep learning library. 
  • Code on GitHub that we can look at. 


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