CODEAI: INTELLIGENT/cloud based APPsec platform FOR DEVOPS


U.S. based company- QbitLogic that helped DARPA to build an “unhackable” drone using AI, launches next generation SaaS platform called CodeAI that repairs security defects before release with human level precision. It is instantly available for every software developer with a GitHub account and C/C++ software project.

ATLANTA, GA ―Bug repairs are the most expensive task in the history of software development. Bugs that were not fixed before release  could cause loss or damage at different severity levels that can affect each and every one of us.  The world accumulated a large amount of examples of bug fixes stored on platforms like Github, which contains almost 14 Terabytes of data.  This data can be mined to train AI algorithms like CodeAI to become a very good debuggers. CodeAI learns to predict new defects in code with unparalleled speed and accuracy and it even suggests simple fixes for the issues it finds with near human level precision.  In addition, as you interact with CodeAI it can learn from your interactions to improve over time. “You find it hard to believe? Give it a try”-, says Arkady Miteiko one of the founders and the CEO of the company. “Anybody with a Github account can use CodeAI for free only once for now, but it will be one of the most affordable solutions on the market later", he promises.  "A few teams that are building open source projects had a chance to see CodeAI at work, and already, one of them described it as a “first non-human contributor”. We kind of liked that description and decided to use it. CodeAI is an artificial brain that understands code. Future applications can extend beyond bug fixing."

CodeAI finds and fixes issues in code before release in two widely deployed software languages, C and C++, which are used in televisions, airplanes, e-commerce websites and thousands of software applications.  

It’s a paradigm change for the global software development industry. Instead of spending half of your time on repairing defects, you can hire an AI to help you do that faster and more efficiently. It learns from you over time to better assist you  in fixing bugs, and eventually you realize that you're building high quality software faster and cheaper than ever before.

Global demand for new software applications will only be increasing, as will be the pressure on the software development industry to deliver defect-free software at a fraction of the time and cost. It is time to change the way high quality software is made with CodeAI.


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