Ultimate amplifier of human analysis 


is our proprietary algorithm that learns deep representations of the best coding practices in your organization. Having already been trained by the open source community of experts, the specifically tailored deep neural network will learn and operate alongside your best engineers. 


is where CodeAi draws knowledge from your organization as well as open source software from around the world to detect safety critical and security vulnerabilities and inefficiencies in your code. This advanced DETECT technology allows CodeAi to bypass myriads of false positives and work only with real world issues.


it is cutting edge predictive analytics technology that uses the information gathered from CodeAiDETECT to intelligently deliver a compatible program patch within a fraction of time. CodeAi SUGGEST amplifies and complements the human ability to analyze and deal with complexity so that you can spend less time debugging and more time creating and innovating.


is our algorithm’s ability to analyze multiple unique solutions and generate the best suggestion that matches your requirements. It is similar to sifting through many valid paths generated by your best engineers and picking the one best suited for your particular situation.